Granite State College: University System of New Hampshire

Early Childhood Education with Teacher Certification (B.S.)

Courses in this program prepare individuals to be qualified early childhood education and child care providers. This major offers a model curriculum which addresses standards set by the National Association for the Education of Young Children. 

Upon completion of the B.S. in Early Childhood Education with Teacher Certification, candidates will be qualified to obtain dual teaching certifications in Early Childhood Education (N-3) and Early Childhood Special Education (Birth-8). 

Students will:

  • develop a working understanding of current brain research and its implication for learning and teaching.
  • develop the skills to access and utilize technology as a tool to empower learning and teaching.
  • develop a solid understanding of the utilization of formative and summative assessment for program design, monitoring student progress, and evaluating teaching effectiveness.
  • work with colleagues to observe, analyze, and provide feedback on student progress and teaching effectiveness.
  • utilize research methods and materials, pedagogies, and assessment strategies to teach for understanding and learning achievement specific to content area.

Download a printable version of the curriculum map.


Portfolio Requirement for Early Childhood Education Majors
Each student enrolled in an Early Childhood Education program at Granite State College is required to prepare a portfolio as part of the graduation requirement.