Granite State College: University System of New Hampshire

General Studies (A.A.)

The Associate of Arts (A.A.) degree is awarded for study in the liberal arts. It is designed for those students who have a broad range of interests and are not seeking a career-specific program. For those interested in a career in education, the A.A. will qualify you for the New Hampshire Department of Education Para II Certification* and will provide a good foundation for those intending to pursue a bachelor’s degree with teacher certification. The Associate in Arts degree requires 60 semester hours of credit.

Students will:

  • Attain proficiency in the basic concepts, theories, and methods of inquiry pertinent to the liberal arts.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of content, research norms, and conventions of academic writing in disciplines of the liberal arts to develop foundations for further study.

Important Note: Transfer credits, Exams, Prior Learning Credit, and grades earned will impact the above.

 Download a printable version of the curriculum map.